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Barrymore, Drew
- In-person signed 3x5 card $50.00

Blanc, Mel - Signed Bugs Bunny stationary paper (circa 1960's) $100.00

Buckethead - Guitar god. Signed, numbered, hand-drawn CD $50.00

Donna Douglas (d.) - Signed 3x5 card from Elly May of The Beverly Hillbillies $50.00

Sid Haig
- Signed 5x7 mug shot as Captain Spaulding from The Devil's Rejects $50.00

Journey - 9x11 backstage catering signage signed by all 5 band members $100.00

Lee, Geddy - Signed yellow 3x5 card (circa 1985) from the bass player and lead singer of the Canadian rock trio Rush $75.00

Nimoy, Leonard
(d.) - In-person signed 3x5 card from Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame $125.00

Pumpkinhead - Lance Henricksen and Tom Woodruff, Jr. signed 3x5 cards $50.00

Quincy M.E.
(TV series) - Signed 3x5 cards from the cast $75.00

Silver, Ron (d.) - In-person signed 3x5 card $50.00

What's Happening
- 70's TV sitcom. Set of (4) 4x6 cards signed in-person by the cast including (d.) Fred Berry $150.00

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